Midnight: “Ye brethren, hear the midnight clock is humming; At midnight our great Bridegroom will be coming.”
One o’clock: “Past one o’clock the day breaks out of darkness; Morning star appear and break our hardness.”
Two o’clock: “Tis two, on Jesus wait this silent season; Ye two, so near related – will and reason.”
Three o’clock: “The Clock is three, the Blessed three doth merit the best of praise from body, soul, and spirit.”
Four o’clock: “This four o’clock, when three make supplication, the Lord will be the fourth on that occasion.”
Five o’clock: “Five is the clock. Five virgins were discarded, when five with wedding garments were rewarded.”
Six o’clock: “The clock is six. I go off my station; now, brethren, watch yourselves for your salvation.”

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